powerful coaching, training, practice, and community to thrive through transition

Are you looking to make a change in your business, team, or career without burnout?

Many professionals facing transitions and reinventions experience the gravity of prior success, making it challenging to move beyond the familiar—into the unknown.

You’ve established a life, career, reputation, reliable income, sense of self—and it all feels at risk. Can you relate with …

  • Self-doubt and judgment creeping in, despite prior success, accolades, and recognition?
  • Second guessing the change you want to make, afraid it isn’t possible or that you’ll fail when the stakes are too high?
  • Over-extending yourself to maintain your sense of success/reputation/value, never quite feeling like enough?
  • Sacrificing your needs and well-being, telling yourself it’ll just be until you get through this?
  • Dreaming of your business/team/community thriving without you (or less of you)?

These are all common ways we survive. And you deserve to thrive through transition.

kaleidoscope butterfly graphic

I created Kaleidoscope for professionals making a change in their career, business, or teams but uncertain how to make it possible without suffering burnout, embarrassment, or risking wealth—financial, spiritual, or physical.

Kaleidoscope is built on top of community and a holistic approach to transformative coaching, co-creating your chrysalis and adding velocity to your natural process. Think executive, leadership, and life coaching leveraging somatics, ancient wisdom, and neuroscience through a holistic lens.

Members also gain access to live and recorded workshops, training, practices, and inspiration to support them through a transformative experience. But that “stuff” isn’t the real magic.

The real magic is you.

I’m here as a mirror, so you can see what we see—your divine and exquisite being—and to:

  • hold a safe and powerful space for you to get real with your desires and the essence of who you are, your superpowers, and your impact
  • coach you beyond your comfort zone
  • teach you what I’ve learned so that you may create a future you can’t even yet imagine declaring, and lead yourself powerfully into it

Will you join us?

Jewels, headshot in Austin TX
Portland Startup Women
Bottom: Snapshot from a weekly meetup I ran in Portland for women founders

What you’ll find inside Kaleidoscope

1. Individualized Support via Transformational Coaching

A Personal Introduction and Essence Session
A private, 1:1 Coaching Session with Jewels to set you up for success within the program. And we’ll dive into discovering your Essence—the core of what makes you, you, and your superpowers.

Weekly 1:1 Coaching (Live Event, Recorded)
Jewels, or a guest coach, coaches a member 1:1. Calls are recorded and shared in the private group so everyone can get powerful help with their relatable challenges. Anyone can request to be coached, and everyone can book private sessions at a members-only rate, as space permits.

Weekly Self-Coaching and Accountability
Energy follows attention. A weekly self-coaching and transition check-in form sent to your inbox and posted to our private group in support of practicing where you put your attention. Tracking, while it can feel cumbersome for many, is an excellent way to notice where we’re really at vs where we think we’re at.

2. Workshops and Practice

Monthly Embodied Leadership and Skills Workshops x 2 (Live Events, Recorded)
Workshops include a blend of somatic exploration and ontological thought work. Ontology, or the “study of being” offers a lens to help us discover the stories we create—and how they limit us. Limits aren’t wrong or bad, though they can get in the way of lasting change. Somatics exploration allows us to tap into the wisdom our body holds, and practice ways of being that will shift our ways of doing. All of the work builds on itself to develop our ability to lead into uncertainty with greater ease and confidence. Live calls include group participation and breakouts so that you can take the practices and learnings into your every day, right away.

Weekly Unstruck Soundbytes (Private Podcast)
Short, 5-minute discoveries, insights, meditations, and practices that you can use to weave space for yourself and well-being into your busy schedule. Sent to your inbox and posted in our private group.

If you miss a week, no problem. Members have full access to an archive of classes, the private podcast, and embodiment practices. The online hub makes it easy to access what you need when you need it

3. Community

You’ve found your people! Share wins, questions, struggles, take-aways, and ah-has from our group calls on the comment section of every replay. Our forum also provides opportunities for members to connect directly for support, accountability, inspiration, and deep connection. Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong way to participate—though, as with life—you’ll get out what you put in.

Monthly Partner Practice (Optional)
Each month, you’ll pair with a member to connect one-on-one, a fantastic way to deepen your practice and connection with others.

all this for only

$429 $299 for your first 3 months

and then $99 $79 a month
Register in July and receive a bonus gift for private coaching sessions.
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“Jewels helps people find their way to healing and getting out of their own way of what will bring their highest, greatest good. I encourage all who are seeking clarity, healing, growth, and transformation to work with Jewels. It is life-changing!”

—Nikki, pursuing a career pivot in her 50s