Community Pricing

My pricing is designed to support us as individuals within community. We all deserve healing, well-being, and transformation, independent of our access to wealth. To serve, I also need ample space to take care of myself and access to pay those who support me. As such, I’ve created a pay-what-you-can model inspired by many sustainable healers before me. Thanks for being a part of the community and doing the work to choose into pricing that supports us all.

Healing Coaching Containers

For folx looking to create a shift, make a change, and step into a new way of being in life, a coaching container allows us to partner over several months. This gives us the time to not only come up with a plan for getting from A to B, but to be aligned around what A and B are, work through obstacles as they pop up along the way, and witness and heal what arises in resistance. Sessions within a container are not limited to any approach or modality—and may include coaching, somatic intuitive healing, and intuitive readings.

Frequency may change over the course of the container, though most clients choose a standing weekly or every-2-weeks schedule with the opportunity to request additional ad-hoc sessions and provide for email and text support between sessions.

Containers are created solely for you and start with a minimum of a 4-month commitment which can be broken down into monthly payments due ahead of service.

Single Sessions

While the bulk of my work happens within committed containers, I also offer the ability to book and pre-pay for single sessions for:

  • In-person Somatic Intuitive Healing
  • Previous client looking for here-and-there additional support
  • Referred by a therapist or coach that you’re working with, looking for supplemental support

If you think either a committed container or ad-hoc sessions would benefit you, I encourage you to schedule a free introductory call prior to booking.

Community Pricing Tiers

4 Month Commitment*Ad Hoc Session
Sponsored Reparational$1,000 ($250mo)$75
Reparational, Service,
and Elders Community
$1,500 ($375/mo)$100
Self-Sustaining$2,200 ($550/mo)$150
Community Sponsor$3,000 ($750/mo)$200

* Commitments may vary in length, see above.

Reparational and At-Need Service and Elder Community
For Black, Indigenous, students of color, members of the LGBTQIAP2-S community, undocumented folx, folx who support those who are most in need for low-pay (teachers, healers), elders with limited financial support, are eligible for public assistance, folx who experience discrimination related to ableism or incarceration history, and anyone who has experienced or been impacted by systemic inequity or oppression

Sponsorship is an opportunity for our at need folx within the Reparational Community

Self-Sustaining and Community Sponsor
For folx who’ve benefited from generational wealth, have investments, have access to family money and resources in times of need, own the home you live in, travel recreationally, work part-time by choice, have a relatively high-degree of earning power due to level of education, gender privilege, racial privilege, class background, etc. (even if you’re not currently exercising your earning power, I ask you to recognize this as a choice)

Need more assistance?

I’m currently involved in ongoing training that requires my working with practicum clients and allows me to offer a small % of in-kind trade and gratis sessions. Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in connecting, but uncertain about how you can pay. **NOTE: as of April, 2024 I have no current space for more trade and gratis clients, but I’d still love to hear from you if you want to be considered for a future open slot.