You’ve found success in life, yet…

you want something more (ease, money, validation) or less (exhaustion, expense). Fill in the blank.

Whether you’re growing a business, planning your exit, pivoting careers, or leveling up your leadership role, starting anew comes with unique challenges—your established life, career, and reputation are all on the line.

Unstruck Sanctuary is the chrysalis for your transformation to be your future you, now.

Jewel in Barcelona
A great view at the top 😉

I created Unstruck Sanctuary from a passion to help others through transitions and reinventions because I’ve weathered many as an executive, entrepreneur, consultant, and startup founder. Through myriad reinventions (and the teachers often named failures), I’ve learned what it takes to lead myself and others into the unknown, creating futures with intention and choice.

The beauty of the unknown future is that we can shape it and embody our future selves today. So tell me, what is the future you dream of having on the other side of the change you seek?

I hope to hear from you,

“I feel a renewed sense of purpose driving me to reach my goals.”

—S.S. considering a career shift and new business

Ways You Can Work With Me

Not sure what kind of support you need? That’s OK. Reach out and let me know what kind of transition or insight you want support on, and we’ll go from there.

1:1 Transformational Coaching

Think executive, business, and life coaching with a dose of somatics and neuroscience through a holistic lens. For professionals looking to enact change, or lead a transformation, a custom-tailored container over 4-12 months allows us to add depth, choice, and velocity to your natural process.

Intuitive Insights

Learning to access your intuition is a key component of leadership and readings are an easy way to begin or rekindle your practice of tapping into your intuition. In a 30-minute session, we’ll connect with our collective intuition for clarity on any situation you choose to bring.

Butterflies at pond and flying


A great way to get to know me and my coaching style. Join a community of fellow professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs looking to enact and lead change in their orgs, careers, communities, and lives. Gain clarity, actionable insights, peer support, embodied leadership development, and 1:1 Transformational Coaching.

You’re brilliant! And when you kick-ass at what you do for long enough, the sweet success strategies that got you here can limit you. That’s why we take a holistic approach and access the wisdom in your body and spirit—along with your mind.

Are you ready for a more effortless life—and maybe a little skeptical?

It’s OK to be skeptical. That means you possess the ability and willingness to live in the quest(ion). It allows for the possibility that how we’ve been trained to understand the world (and even ourselves) is a story we can rewrite. It allows for the possibility that your frustration, pain, ambition, eagerness to please, desire for freedom, knowing in your bones that your one and precious life can be lived much more fully—cueing you into the greatest wisdom of all: your own.

“Jewels helps people find their way to healing and getting out of their own way of what will bring their highest, greatest good. I encourage all who are seeking clarity, healing, growth, and transformation to work with Jewels. It is life-changing!”

—Nikki, pursuing a career pivot in her 50s