Unstruck Sanctuary is a sacred space to connect with your inner wisdom, access ease, and receive support during life’s transitions—at work, home, and play.

I created Unstruck* Sanctuary because I believe that we heal ourselves while in connection. As a trauma-and-somatics-informed coach, I hold sacred space as your personal sanctuary and act as a guide as we navigate between where you are and where you want to be—putting you at choice. If being at choice feels radical, let’s connect.

The more we heal, the more discover how we’re shaped by the various systems around us—family, educational, economic, religious, community, government, etc. Perhaps the most radical thing we can do in our life is to claim ourselves—our belonging, our divinity, our freedom to listen to our hearts’ desires. Because, while it can intellectually “look” simple (just make the choice), it can feel like we’re putting our entire being and existence at risk. And our bodies have been taking brilliant care of us since we were embryos, so it’s not as simple as mind-over-matter. Simple doesn’t equal safe. Welcome to your sanctuary: a safe space to be brave and connect to your already-whole Self so you can show up as you want to show up in all of your life’s passions.

* ps. The name comes from a concept found across myriad cultures and spiritual traditions, roughly translated from Sanskrit as “Unstruck Sound.” It refers to the primordial sound that exists within all aspects of creation and life—an underlying vibration/frequency that gives rise to (a) everything in existence and (b) a belief that you can live a more fulfilling life when you have the space and support to connect with (and feel your connection to) this lifeforce and inner wisdom.



Tire of waiting to change or for others to change? I support you connecting with your own wisdom and intuition via coaching, healing, and intuive readings—all of which may be in-person or virtual over video. Not sure what modality you need? That’s ok. Reach out and let me know what kind of shift or insight you’re wanting support on and we can take it from there.

Intuitive Readings

Readings may include inspiration from various card and divinatory systems. In a 30-minute reading, my focus is on connecting with our collective intuition and spirit guides for clarity on any situation of your choosing.

Somatic Intuitive Healing

Experience the power of trauma-informed healing in connection with your Self and Spirit. Access your wisdom through nervous system regulation, profound presence, and biodynamic craniosacral energetics.

Somatic Coaching

Looking for ease and clarity in a pursuit or across your life? We’ll start with a free exploratory call to determine the best container for your needs. Pricing is sliding scale and based on duration (months) and session length (30-60min).

I received some clarity in my desires […] because of our session.

You have healing hands.

I feel a renewed sense of purpose driving me to reach my goals.

Are you ready for a more effortless life—and maybe a little skeptical?

It’s OK to be skeptical. That means you possess the ability and willingness to live in the question and allows for the possibility that how we’ve been trained to understand the world (and even ourselves) is wrong. It allows for the possibility that your frustration, pain, anger, ambition, eagerness to please, eagerness to be free, vague notion that this one and precious life you’re living could be lived much more deeply … is cueing you into the greatest wisdom of all—your own.

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