You’ve found success in life, but now—faced with a shift in what you do or how you’ll do it—you find yourself struggling.

Perhaps you’re starting your own business, pivoting, or stepping into a new role. Starting anew comes with unique challenges—your established life, career, and reputation are all on the line. The strategies that once propelled you may no longer serve you, and the uncertainty and anxiety can feel overwhelming. You long to reclaim the confidence and success that got you here, and to feel purposeful and fulfilled in this new leg of your journey.

Unstruck Sanctuary is sacred space to connect with your innate wisdom, access ease, and thrive through life’s transitions.

I created Unstruck Sanctuary from a passion to help others through transitions and reinventions, because, frankly—I’ve weathered many. The most transformative, impactful, and enjoyable ones were when I partnered with a transformational coach, diving deep into self-discovery, healing, and practice. Each time my professional identity shifted, it shook my sense of self to its core. Small triggers acted like earthquakes, unsettling old traumas that I’d worked with therapists to file away neatly in my closet, scattering them into disarray on my inner landscape.

That’s why I take a multi-disciplinary trauma-informed, somatic, and ontological approach to coaching, acting a guide as we navigate between where you are and where you want to be. This journey isn’t just about building better habits, learning skills, or making decisions—it’s about embracing transformation—allowing you to emerge with renewed confidence, purpose, and fulfillment.

“I received clarity in my desires […] because of our session.”

—M.B. late career shift

“You have healing hands.”

—N.H. late career shift

“I feel a renewed sense of purpose driving me to reach my goals.”

—S.S. mid career shift

Ways You Can Work With Me

Not sure what kind of support you need? That’s OK. Reach out and let me know what kind of shift or insight you’re wanting support on and we’ll go from there.

1:1 Transformational Coaching

We’ll start with a complimentary exploratory call to design an engagement that works for you. Our bespoke relationship adds depth, impact, choice, and speed to your natural process.

Intuitive Readings

Readings include inspiration from various divinatory systems. In a 30-min reading, my focus is on connecting with our collective intuition and guides for clarity on any situation of your choosing.

Somatic Intuitive Healing

Experience the power of trauma-informed healing in connection with your Self + Spirit. Access wisdom through nervous system regulation, profound presence, and biodynamic craniosacral energetics.

Are you ready for a more effortless life—and maybe a little skeptical?

It’s OK to be skeptical. That means you possess the ability and willingness to live in the question and allows for the possibility that how we’ve been trained to understand the world (and even ourselves) is wrong. It allows for the possibility that your frustration, pain, anger, ambition, eagerness to please, eagerness to be free, vague notion that this one and precious life you’re living could be lived much more deeply … is cueing you into the greatest wisdom of all—your own.

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