About Jewels & the Sanctuary

Jewels (they/her) is the human behind Unstruck Sanctuary. They are currently in progress towards the following certifications: International Coaching Federation (ICF) ACC, Strozzi Institute Somatic Coaching, Somatic Intuitive Healing.


It’s rare to have the opportunity to truly connect and BE with another human BEing in a space catered for accessing our own inner wisdom and healing. Such a space requires vulnerability and trust—and we all deserve to connect with those who make us feel safe, seen, heard, and respected. As such, here’s a glimpse into some of the identities and privileges I hold.

I was born and raised as a cis white girl in the United States, splitting my time between the rural school year and urban summers with young, working-class, divorced parents. I often present as female and heterosexual and am non-binary and pansexual. I received a full-ride scholarship to attend university and dropped out to pursue a career that catapulted me into the middle class with upward mobility. That allowed me to take financial risks to pursue ideas I thought could change the world (in a good way). I’ve identified as an entrepreneur, executive, artist, musician, athlete, party-thrower, adventurer, and traveler—and my friends consistently remind me that I’m brave, especially when I don’t feel it.

My journey into somatics began in 2006, as a first-time executive director. During a 360-review, my CEO blurted out with surprise: “You’re not good with people, are you?” And, so, off I went to an embodied leadership training course that would change my life—albeit not overnight or in the way I expected. My somatic coach referred me to a Somatic Experiencing therapist, where I healed from developmental, sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. I took up Aikido, learned how to move past freeze, take up space, love myself, end abusive relationships, and find physical anchors for confidence and trust.

While my passions would shift, I’d continue to work with coaches, trainers, therapists, and healers—by 2019, I was in the best shape of my life, physically and emotionally. When the pandemic hit, I felt grateful for the space I’d created to offer support to others. Unfortunately, I neglected to prioritize the space I needed for myself, and by the end of 2021, suffered severe burnout. While I wish I could say that I handled it gracefully, the truth is far messier. Luckily, these challenging times came with significant life lessons:

  • When I water a plant (ahem, myself) “back to life”, I don’t get to stop watering it (me)
  • I’m human
  • Change is constant
  • Healing is forever
  • I have the most incredible angels
  • I had a new act to begin—and a spiritual life to nourish

The New Act: a Sanctuary

During the great burnout of ’21, I packed up my home of 16 years and downsized—and began building a personal sanctuary. I finally had the space to listen to my own inner wisdom—and something much greater than I’d ever imagined.

That’s when I decided to leave 25 years of consulting to shift careers. I enrolled in (a) the same somatics program as I had in 2006, this time to become a coach, and (b) a trauma-informed somatic healing training to become a certified bodyworker in the state of Oregon.

Then, on February 1, 2023, I had an itch to start a podcast. I didn’t know what it’d be about; but, while recording, I read a poem, pulled a Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Card, and Unstruck Sound (the podcast) was named—and 3 months later, Unstruck Sanctuary followed.

~ jewels, 5.4.2023

ps. If you still want to know more about me, my previous acts, or my passions—check out jewel.mlnarik.com

Are you ready for a more effortless life—and maybe a little skeptical?

It’s OK to be skeptical. That means you possess the ability and willingness to live in the question and allows for the possibility that how we’ve been trained to understand the world (and even ourselves) is wrong. It allows for the possibility that your frustration, pain, anger, ambition, eagerness to please, eagerness to be free, vague notion that this one and precious life you’re living could be lived much more deeply … is cueing you into the greatest wisdom of all—your own.

If you identify with any of the above experiences or don’t but still have a feeling that we could work well together, please feel free to reach out and book an exploratory discussion.

ps. for more about me, you can check out Jewel.Mlnarik.com