Somatic Coaching

Artistic, Leadership, Love, Personal, and Spiritual Coaching

Have you been yearning for more agency in your life? Certain of a future, but uncertain of how to get into it? Wanting to bring more ease into your desired way of being? Ready to “level-up” your relationships? Stuck in a loop with someone or something and ready to break the cycle? Ready to shed shame?

A beauty of somatic-based coaching is that I coach YOU—the essence and full expression of you—in the arenas of your life that have or deserve your attention: personal, loves, business, arts, spiritual, or roles as an entrepreneur, leader, executive. Whatever your inquiry, challenge, or desired future, you hold the innate wisdom you need—to move through your one wild and precious life (Mary Oliver) as you desire and deserve.

Coaching is a partnership and as such, it’s imperative that we operate with mutual respect and trust each other in a shared, sacred, and safe container. You can learn more about me here.

Coaching vs Consulting

A lot of folx want an expert as a coach. And I get it. It’s commonplace for folx dishing out advice to call themselves a coach vs a consultant—and if I’m getting advice from someone, I want to know they have the experience to back it up. The tenet of my coaching philosophy draws a strict boundary between giving advice and coaching you to find your own answers. It’s not unlike a sports coach finding ways to push and unlock a player’s skill vs making the shot for them; or my high school English teacher who would drive us NUTS asking us questions after we’d ask her for an answer that we thought had an externally defined right/wrong. (“I mean, come on, if I knew, I wouldn’t have asked you!” rang through my mind so many times I can recall the thought 30 years later.)

As a former consultant, I can be easily tempted to tip-toe back into the consulting realm; however, please know that I’m dedicated to you accessing and leveraging your own wisdom.

Coaching vs Therapy

While therapy is focused on our past, coaching is focused on our present and presence—leading us into an intentional future. Since our past provides the context for what shapes us, limits us, and drives us, coaching and therapy often go hand-in-hand. Coaching may lead to therapy and therapy may open one up to coaching.

An analogy: someone may want to see a personal trainer to get into shape or train for a specific event. While the personal trainer (“coach”) will want to be aware of any prior or current physical concerns so they can tailor their training, they will not directly diagnose nor treat—that will be done by the doctors and occupational/physical therapists (“therapist”). Since coaching doesn’t require licensure, it’s especially critical for the client and coach to respect the limits and boundaries of coaching.

What to Look for when Hiring a Coach—for life, business, love and everything in between

As someone who’s worked with a variety of coaches, I start with “trust your gut.” As science has been revealing: we have more of our nervous system in our guts than in our brains. Another good checklist is this one from Inc. Magazine on what to look for when hiring an executive coach.

As for the domain (life/business/love/leadership/etc.) and “credentials”—keep in mind that a coach will be limited by their own personal experiences and growth. Ideally, your coach will always be a step or two ahead of you. No one will ever have it all figured out, and you’ll want to be wary of anyone who thinks they do. I used to, I’m embarrassed and proud to admit…and was humbled to realize that healing, learning, growth, and life is not linear. We must forever be in curiosity, training, and conditioning.

So what does somatics have to do with coaching?

I dive a little deeper on what somatics is and why I call myself a somatic coach here—and how bodywork can support coaching and transformation.