Transformational Coaching

create change with less exhaustion and
more ease, confidence, + velocity

Are you a driven executive, entrepreneur, or creative who succeeds at everything you take on, but could use some support advancing or shifting your career? Perhaps you’ve recently stepped into a new role, dream of doing so soon, are launching a new business, pivoting, or planning your exit—uncertain of how it’ll go but reliable to give it your all.

Hi, I’m Jewels.

I created Unstruck Sanctuary from a passion to help others through transitions and reinventions, because frankly, I’ve weathered many as an executive, entrepreneur, board member, consultant, and startup founder.

A quick study, ambitious to lead, willing to roll up my sleeves and do whatever it takes—I started out fearless. I got really good at creating and scaling businesses…until we’d plateau. Escaping the gravitational pull of those plateaus required transformation—space for me to face and rewrite my winning strategies and limiting beliefs, embody a bolder presence, and lead myself and others into an unknowable yet shapeable future.

What you’ll get from coaching

If you’re passionate about professional growth, you will hit limits and give everything you’ve got to blast through them. I’m here to save you energy and sanity, giving you a safe, accepting, and nourishing space to grow and actualize the future you desire. So you can lead change (in your career, company, team, self) with grace, heart, and more ease—mastery.

Through confidential and powerful, 1-on-1 deep coaching, we partner to

  • add depth, grace, and velocity to your natural process
  • discover your essence, the core of who you are and your superpowers
  • get you clear on your impact, so you can act with integrity and choice
  • envision and declare your desired future
  • free you from the “automatic”, creating space for choice
  • practice embodying your future self
  • move you powerfully into a sustainable, rewarding, and successful future

What would you like coaching to make possible for you?

I’d love to hear from you,

Jewel in Barcelona
I coach anywhere in the world: face-to-face or via video or voice call.
Caterpillar and Butterfly cartoon by Mort Gerbert
Illustration by Mort Gerbert. The butterfly teaches: transformative change happens only after the caterpillar accepts its form and spends time in a nourishing chrysalis where it can safely shape-shift.

“I received clarity in my desires because of our session.”

—M.B. in career and life transition

What is Coaching?

Powerful coaching adds depth, choice, and velocity to your natural process—giving you space to practice where the stakes are low, so you can create the impact you desire where the stakes are high. For more information on coaching vs consulting, therapy, and how I incorporate healing into my coaching, see the FAQs and Why Work with Me? You can also reach out to learn more.