Somatic Intuitive Healing

Somatic Intuitive Healing is a biodynamic trauma-informed somatic therapy and craniosacral modality blending ancient traditions and Western sciences in the belief that everyone possesses the innate wisdom and power to heal themselves. Sessions may be in-person or via zoom.

A radical shift from the traditional practitioner-client relationship, Somatic Intuitive Healing fosters a collaborative partnership where we work together in a safe and nurturing environment for healing to occur. There is no hierarchy. This approach values the importance of connection and being present, allowing you to tap into your innate inner wisdom and access your full potential for healing and growth. You always remain at agency and autonomy to direct your own experience.

Healing and change are paradoxes: they require us to fully accept what is before receiving and experiencing what may be next—and that starts with awareness. With awareness, we can tap into our compassion, empathy, love, and gratitude—which can then release our current state, allowing it to continue its journey and freeing us up for what’s next. In the context of somatic bodywork, this can feel like gentle pressure to bring awareness to a physical space which can then invite acceptance and gratitude which then can release—but only if the intention is not to release or force change. This is how somatic focusing can yield deep healing and change.

* The Somatic Intuitive Healing Certification Program is a 300-hour somatic therapy training and certification program from The Center Of Somatic Intuitive Healing out of Portland, Oregon. This modality blends somatic therapy practices, craniosacral therapy, energy healing, and yoga therapy. You can learn more about ethics and code of conduct at