A New Act: the Sanctuary

I initially wrote this as an intro and have since revised it as a blog post for anyone wanting to know a little more history about my professional transitions—leading to Unstruck Sanctuary.

My journey into coaching and somatics began in 2006, as a first-time executive director. During a 360, my CEO reflected that I was brilliant with the technical side of business, but challenged with the people. And, so, off I went to an embodied leadership training course that would change my life—albeit not overnight or in the ways I’d expected.

My leadership coach referred me to a Somatic Experiencing therapist, where I healed from developmental, sexual, physical, and emotional traumas. I took up Aikido, learned how to move past freeze, take up space, love myself, end abusive relationships, and find physical anchors for confidence and trust.

After leaving that job, I started a virtual agency, an international startup, a local entrepreneurial peer support group, and pursued a series of hobbies including photography, cycling, aerial, acro, music, road tripping, travel, and of course the requisite Pacific Northwest backpacking and party-throwing. In between ventures, I’d work for founders to turn around sinking ships and launch new ones, leading teams and products to profitability as an interim or fractional director or producer. While my professional passions and roles would shift, I’d continue to work with coaches, trainers, therapists, and healers. By 2019, I was in the best shape of my life—physically and emotionally.

We Always Need Water, even when we’re not thirsty

When the pandemic first hit, I felt unflappable. I became a first-time at-home caregiver, ramped up my community service, and slowly began to take on more client challenges as my own. I slowly neglected to prioritize my well-being and by early 2021 faced burnout. I wish I could share that I handled it with grace, but the truth is likely messier.

Luckily, these challenging times came with significant life lessons:

  • When I water a plant (ahem, myself) “back to life”, I don’t get to stop watering it
  • I’m human
  • Change is constant
  • Healing is forever
  • I have the most incredible angels
  • I had a new act to begin—and a spiritual life to nourish

A New Act: the Sanctuary

During the great burnout of ’21, I packed up my home of 16 years and downsized—and began building a personal sanctuary. It was time to come back home to myself. I finally had the space to listen to my own inner wisdom—and something much greater than I’d ever imagined.

I enrolled in (a) the same somatics program as I had in 2006, this time to become a coach, and (b) a trauma-informed somatic intuitive healing program. More would follow, as I fell deeply in love with the new level of depth this afforded me in my work with others.

On February 1, 2023, I had an itch to start a podcast. I didn’t know what it’d be about; but, while recording, I read a poem, pulled a Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Card, and Unstruck Sound (the podcast) was named—and 3 months later, Unstruck Sanctuary followed.

The name comes from a concept found across myriad cultures and spiritual traditions, roughly translated from Sanskrit as “Unstruck Sound.” It refers to the primordial sound that exists within all aspects of creation and life—an underlying vibration/frequency that gives rise to (a) everything in existence and (b) a belief that you can live a more fulfilling life when you have the space and support to connect with (and feel your connection to) this lifeforce and inner wisdom.

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